Bobby is the Captain of the four man Atlantic Polo Team boat, managing the team's preparation, sponsorship and training in order to win. Bobby found his love for horses at a very early age and participated in different equine disciplines until he tried polo aged 15 and was hooked. He played a variety of sports at Marlborough college with enthusiasm and dedication and despite gaining good grades in his exams, he preferred to follow his heart into the sport of polo. Instead of going to University, Bobby chose to play professionally abroad and managed corporate polo holidays in Argentina and Australia, furthering his career. Travelling to different countries for his profession, Bobby discovered a passion for adventure and challenges. Bobby has played for England in the European Championships in Rome, the World Cup in Mexico, and England tours to Pakistan and Zimbabwe. His charity work started in Argentina by volunteering at an orphanage which he continues to visit regularly.

In 2012 Bobby set up 'Monty's Polo for Justice‘ to help raise funds for Alexander Monson who fell victim to police brutality in Kenya. Bobby is well known for his strong ability to lead a team while staying calm in a big game – a helpful skill when up against a 40 foot wave. A gentleman on and off the field; his affable, down-to-earth character and hospitable nature put all at ease. With wit as sharp as his polo skills, he can be relied upon to have enough stories to keep the team entertained as well as motivated to complete the Atlantic Challenge. While their rowing experience is limited, their professionalism and willingness to succeed stands them in good stead not only to complete the Atlantic Challenge but also to win the race.