11 day's to race day - La Gomera

We all walked down to the boat, on yet another beautiful sunny day. Work began without delay on yet more food preparation, this time 'snack packs'/ This is comprised of two Tracker bars, two flapjacks (high protein), protein powder sachet, biltong, three flavoured carbohydrate/isotonic sachets, two chocolate bars (Snicker/Galaxy/Twix/Mars etc), Haribo, and nuts.

It has quickly become apparent - we aren't going hungry on this trip! So each day, we will pull out a snack pack each, and this will open up a whole world of joy, and this is so important for our morale - each little Haribo will be treasured and enjoyed for every sweet, sugary, sickly  moment.

James managed to make it to the marina shortly after us, but after trying his best for a while, it was obviously he was still very ill with sunstroke, and so returned to the room to rest.

Bobby was busy looking for great and inspirational quotes to put on the aft cabin. We put a shout on facebook, which yielded some great ones, and I think now the final list has been created, so when times get though, we can be reminded by these to just press on and never stop. He is embracing his captaincy role well, and even spared a few moments to pop over to Henry and I (Fergus) sat on the ground packing thousands of items into small zip lock bags.

James made it down to the boat later in the afternoon, and all four of us finished off enough snack bags for us to have one each for 70 days. As we finished up, darkness have fully cloaked the marina with only one other crew still doing some work on their boat, and we made our way to the regular hang out with our fellow competitors, for a de-brief and chat.

We were speaking with Carlson, CEO and owner of the race organising company, who was going to win it and which boat was the best. It was probably fair to say we know now who and what our competition is: Row2Recovery, Bolton Atlantic, RAF Atlantic (whose boat is still to arrive- it was due to be flown by Hercules, however this was diverted to help with the aid effort in the Philippines). Carlson definitely admires our boat, and generally the winning team is the one who has put in the most preparation. Whilst our main objective is of course to cross safely, we are confident of our chances of doing well, and who knows with a following wind, maybe a win and a record.