9 day's to race day - La Gomera

We awoke to a beautiful Gomerian morning. Today was a very important day and especially the first part as we had our scrutineering booked in for 11am sharp. This would be the pass or fail for the culmination of the last 4 days.

Lee (race scrutineer) made his way over to Tiny Dancer and started the inspection. While going over the race rules and mandatory regulations he proceeded to check all of our retrieval lines at the bow and the stern and the equipment we had laid out in front of the boat amongst other things. The life jackets were blown up manually and now need to be left for 24 hrs to make sure of their integrity. There was much amusement upon trying to work out the splash mask etc. Lee was generally happy with our progress so far and some of the amendments we had made to the boat.

The food requirement is based on a calorie total and was signed off, along with our ballast and clothing for the trip, wet gear, survival suits, power anchor etc. We do however need to get a 50 metre towing line sorted tomorrow, fix lanyards to the oars so they are attached loosely to the gates/boat, fit an amp metre and amp hrs metre as we only have a volt reading at present, buy a spare battery for the VHF radio, affix the retrieval line to the power anchor (this will be the line that brings the anchor back in from the front and collapses it), acquire a second drogue, present our water jackets (which we already have), safety line for one life jacket and personnel lights, bucket lanyards to be fixed, second signal mirror, two diving knifes to be secured to the aft and forward cabin and a couple of items for grab bag ( this is a large , easily accessible bag with flares , passports etc that is pre prepared so that should we need to abandon ship this comes with us in life raft- which obviously we are hoping never to touch!) . So aside from all of this we are nearly there. Cris Rossiter from Rossiter yachts will be coming out on Monday to assist us and a couple of the crews who have boats made by him with last minute touch ups and changes.

As the days go by and we near the starting line we are becoming more and more familiar with the other teams and starting to create some bonds. The competitiveness is still there but most people know each other's name and what boat they are part of by now and we are enjoying the banter between crews. All boats in the race are very prepared and at this stage I think most people are relieved to get the food and water out of the way and start making waves maƱana.

We are confident Ian Couch will allow us to hit the water at some stage tomorrow which will be very exciting as Tiny dancer hasn't seen the sea yet. Let's hope she floats!

The team have received some touching emails and messages today and is great to hear that people are taking time to spare a thought for our adventure and read our daily blogs, so thank you so much.