8 day's to race day - La Gomera

Lanyards were fitted to the oars, which will ensure they are secured to the boat in case of capsize or any such event. The life jackets were signed off by the scrutineers as they remained suitably inflated for 24hours.

So these were folded up and zipped back into their small housing (thus allowing us to wear them whilst rowing and not get in the way). Although we did identify  that the automatic inflation component needs to be deactivated. Currently, this means if a wave were to soak us rowing, their life jackets would inflate suddenly! This will be switched to manual inflation, so pulling the chord will inflate. Other items were ticked off the to do list, and we are looking good to hit the water, a moment which we are all particularly eager for. Some of the other crews were launching today, and we helped wheel their boats down the ramp into the water. This was quite a momoent - all the preparation, a week of prep here in the Canaries, a huge culmination of effort for the boat finally to be placed where it belongs for what will begin in a little over a week. We can't wait to get in the water!