6 day's to race day - La Gomera

Today was all about getting the boat in the water. Something we had been trying to do for nearly a couple of days now. There were still of course errands to be done on the boat... we procured two untanalised sheepskins from a farm in Devon which, over the last couple of days, have found their way into the cabin to afford some small comfort when learning the GPS and setting things up in the main cabin. Today was the day when they had to be cut up into small, rowing seat sized shapes. These will be a life saver (well, bum savers to be specific!) over the row, as they will be placed on the padded seats we have.

At lunchtime, the ferry arrived with precious cargo, in the form of our PR support and also Cris Rossiter (the guy who built our boat). They arrived themselves with precious cargo in tow; tuna, clothing, 12v chargers for various electrics, Cris also came armed with useful necessary kit for us; lights for the life jackets, an extra safety line, extra stays to ensure the gates (the things that hold the oars in place) are extra strong.

Then came the most exciting moment not only of our time so far out here, but in months and months. The boat was launched ! Just in the nick of time, when Tiny Dancer was literally about to hit the water as it was being lowered by crane, we then took a bottle of champagne and sprayed it over the bow and c hristened her for luck. She was then lowered into the water, and we took our very first strokes aboard Tiny Dancer - what a moment. We were all so proud and excited to be at this moment! We successfully navigated across the marina to our mooring, and tied her up ready for rowing the following morning. 

More officials are now arriving onto the Island including title sponsors Talisker Whisky and also the documentary makers. Things are gearing up for the big day and we have found out we officially launch into the open seas and unkown at 12noon on Monday 2nd December.