3 day's to race day - La Gomera

Down at the boat today we began to make a start on the work in the hatches needed but a heavy and persistent rain put a stop to this, so we abandoned work on the boat to avoid getting water in all the storage compartments unnecessarily. We retreated back to the apartment, and saw to some team admin, which was very worthwhile.

A fairly heavy day on the PR front, with Henry having a live interview on BBC Radio Oxford, and Bobby being the sole representative for all the competitors at a local press conference in the Talikser Whisky Main office.

Once the admin and PR side of things had been squared away, the rain had given way to sunshine, and we made our way back to the boat eager to clock up more time and valuable experience. So we headed out at around 4pm for a two hour row. Conditions were brilliant - light wind, sunny, and a fun couple of foot ground swell running. James and Fergus managed to get the boat up to its highest ever recorded speed, a dazzling 4.4 knots whilst riding a wave momentarily - this provided great excitement! We also carried out the man overboard drill. Fergus volunteered to be the dummy, and duly jumped off Tiny Dancer into the deep blue ocean. Henry launched the specially designed throw line (weighted at one end to ensure a good range can be achieved) and with a great first hit, Fergus was safely pulled back on board. Bobby couldn't resist a quick dip, and decided to opt for the naked version!

After a couple of hours, we headed back into the marina, and a quick re group, and then back to the boat for an 8pm night row. We haven't yet done a night row, so it was great to finally get some experience of this. And what an experience - when we momentarily turned off all the lights on the boat, the clear star filled night we were fortunate enough to have sprang into life. This was just a tiny sample of what we are going to experience out in the Atlantic, and promises to be one of the really quite special and inspiring parts to the row.

We headed in and moored up at around midnight. 

All in all, a good day.