Henry was whisked straight to an interview with a radio station. We then had to head quickly down to a competitor briefing by the race officers on the start procedure.

After this began a string of PR and photograph ordeals! First up was a photo call for every team in the event. Following this, we headed on down to the boat for fixing the finer details. The water bottle holders were secured to the deck right by the feet positions. Jim the water maker expert came by and demonstrated how our most important piece of equipment on board worked, troubleshooting techniques, and general useful knowledge. One of these is how important it is to turn the machine off after a clunk, which involves someone at the front cabin (where the machine is located) being signalled to by another crew member in the main back cabin (where the on/off switches are located for electronics) the moment he hears this “clunk”ing noise– that could be fun in the high seas! Henry and Bobby then had national Spanish TV interview on the boat for around half an hour. Their conversation flowed very well, and as if that wasn't impressive enough, Bobby then got out his ukulele and sang a song! Much to the amusement of the rest of the team and the Row2Recovery boys moored up next door. The broadcasters were tve, which is the Spanish equivalent of the BBC. After this, mid afternoon, we then did a row for a couple of hours. Conditions were brilliant, with no wind, sunny and calm seas. The main purpose of this row was for tve to get some good film of us. I couldn't resist a swim in the beautiful clear water and went for it after the film crew left. On returning to shore, we had a very warm welcome to the marina from Bobby's Mum and her friend which was very nice. Also there was the one and only Julia Immonen – the bright, happy and positive girl who got us into the whole adventure in the first place. This weekend a lot of ex-rowers, and competitors in the next race in 2015, arrive en mass to the island. One more photo shoot beckoned, this time it was with all of the competitors. Following this, we re grouped, and did some shopping; bulk buying strong Ibuprofen and other items, and then a pizza from the usual place for dinner before the night row. Bobby's Mum also very kindly bought out absolute necessary supplies, such as four new life jackets, a VHF radio spare battery, and other supplies and gifts sent from home which we did not have chance to bring ourselves, but were very gratefully received. At 8pm, we then left the marina aboard Tiny Dancer to complete the rest of the night rowing we are required to undertake prior to departure. Last night we ticked off four hours, so this left us with 8 to tackle, and we decided to do so in one hit, meaning a 4am finish! We experienced our first efflorescence when it was dark enough, where every paddle stroke in the water was illuminated with small green star like glows – this was fantastic, and I think will be a feature of the crossing on still nights. This blog was completed at 3.54am, only 16 minutes until we can paddle in and take a few hours well deserved kip!