DAY 9 - ATLANTIC OCEAN: Today is Ferg's birthday! 31 today and rowing 3hrs on, 3hrs off with Henry for the duration of it.

Ferg's birthday routine will consist of rowing against the elements, stumbling into the cabin for the military cleani ng operation, rubbing alcohol on his hands and over his sore bits and sleeping for 2hrs before the next gruelling 3hr shift. He might be cooked a freeze dried meal by his team mates as a treat, if their water pump allows. In total Ferg will row 12hrs today and in the last 24hrs they have covered a whopping 62 miles - and that's on sleep deprivation and hunger combined with agraphobia and claustrophobia. This is the most APT have rowed in 24hrs and they have covered the most distance out of the class of fours and are only two miles behind the fastest of the pairs - which are also lighter in weight.