DAY 28 - BLOG FROM THE BOAT: James Glasson has called through this morning to recite a blog he would like to share. 

Well the last 28 days have certainly been interesting.  Force gale winds, men over board, failing auto helm, lack of electricity and surfing mountain waves in a rowing boat. There is no doubt we were the most inexperienced team in La Gomera with other teams having rowed, sailed or piloted some type of vessel in the past. The storm was a godsend as we really didn't have a clue and what we experienced was the only way. Numerous things have gone wrong and early in the race our EPIRB also got washed over board and set off the distress radio beacon and we now only have our PLBs (personal locator beacons). The storm put us through a crash course and having to put out the parachute anchor when we had not practiced it enough in those conditions was the big turning point. 

We put this out 2am the morning of the storm and as we watched it float off we were all silent and relieved to see it worked perfectly it went like a dream and couldn't of gone better. We were on anchor for 60hrs. and locked in the cabin as we got pushed back from where we came from at a rate at a rate of 2 knots. After sweating this out we then got favourable winds and moved into big and fast seas.

These kind of seas I have never experienced before let alone in a rowing boat. By this point we heard of other teams dropping out, and all but us had capsized and we had complete concentration feeling very vulnerable in such a powerful ocean. But I would liken it to a horse, the ocean never took us down and is honest and looked after us.

I was the second man overboard. Bobby and I were rowing in 50ft waves and a wave broke on top of us and I went flying, my safety line almost strangling Bobby at the same point.

We are now a far more experienced crew and have confidence in our boat Tiny Dancer and we are well on our way now.

Ferg is a machine, Bobby only has two packs of fags left, Henry has a new sore on his arse and I have been told I am like a short wheel based Land Rover.

We are hanging around Row 2 Recovery as we want their wifi signal!

Thank you for all of the support, I have seen some of the messages and they are great to see.

Happy New Year – we hope to get to Antigua by the 20th.