Day 33: ATLANTIC OCEAN: APT are powering ahead with  Row2Recovery hot on their heels and very aware of the distance between them.

Now under the 900 miles to go marker they are dreaming of Antigua but aware of a weather change due on Wednesda y. For those that missed Henry's interview you can hear it again here where he was on air at around 12 noon. Breaking news from this - they have seen a whale and Henry says (on day 33) I realise I am not a seaman this has been a huge adjustment. After his call Henry asked how the charity fundraising was going for his chosen cause The Brooke. This international animal welfare organisation is dedicated to improving the lives of working equines in the poorest parts of the world and also changes the lives of the families that rely on working equines to get by. If you would like to show your support to this converted seaman then please do make a small donation via