Day 36 - BOAT BLOG: APT have been slogging it out on the oars but have also spent time reflecting on the high and low points of the trip.

700 miles to go and counting the team have shared their biggest moments so far and say thank you everyone for the ongoing support for them and their causes and please do continue to donate:

James says:
High point: “Surfing down a 50ft monster of a wave (completely out of control) on what we rec kon to be with 15 – 17 knots in speed. Ferg in front of me and half way down fell on to my lap with the force and angle of the boat. As the boat tailed off at the bottom of the wave we were grateful we were tied on!” Low point: “No more than three days after surfing the monster wave Bobby and I were paired and he was foot steering and an irregular wave or what we call a sidewinder came over the top of the boat sending me flying overboard with Bobby nearly being strangled in the process. 

Henry says:
High point: “Taking a break midday when we were exactly 1048 NM from La Gomera and 1048 NM from Antigua and going swimming for the first time . I said to the guys this is what it’s all about. We also took photos underwater and enjoyed the break from the monotony of rowing non-stop for the first time.” Low point: “Being in the bow cabin three straight days and nights with no appetite, sea sickness and claustrophobia made for a tough period in an alien environment and with conditions you can never prepare for.” 

Ferg says: 
High point: “The 3 hour night row on New Year’s Eve with Henry. Perfect conditions, what we call our ‘go hard’ play list and thoughts of loved one on our minds.” Low point: “3 weeks into the trip, a very hot day and Bobby opened the smaller ocean facing hatch of the aft cabin at the back. A wave then came sweeping through soaking everything”

Bobby says:
High point: “The second or third night when the waves were going in the right direction there was a full moon and the moon was situated directly behind the boat as though lighting the path we had just tread. The waves were too big for foot steering so we decided to stand up and hand steer . Henry and I both agreed it was a magical moment as we guided Tiny Dancer.” Low point - “Going backwards on para anchor and seeing all of our hard rowing undone while being holed up in the aft cabin."