Day 37: ATLANTIC OCEAN: APT have been pushing on with the hope of creating a greater distance between themselves and Row 2 Recovery and now have a 9 mile gap after getting dangerously close to losing their position.

The pressure remains as both teams go head-to-head for the last 600 miles where anything can happen. The finding of the 8th gear in the last 24 hours also enabled Glasson to chant his  infamous catchphrase 'it's mental not physical' which he used regularly at Surrey Sports Park when they were training. In other news, the team claim they have a bird nicknamed Fred still following them, which has apparently been with them all of the way, but at the same time relieving itself onto their heads. It is unclear if this is the truth or if the team are now hallucinating which is a common problem at this stage of the journey. They remain determined, competitive and obsessed with the gap as they continue to count the seconds and calculate their way to Antigua.