Day 38: ATLANTIC OCEAN: APT continue to power ahead and currently have a 12 mile gap with Row 2 Recovery.

They are looking forward to three major milestones - the 500 mile marker, the glow from the horizon 200 miles later and then of course the first sight of land which will only show about 20 hours before they are due in. We would like to share from Row 2 Recovery's blog who are not only APT flee t buddies and their hot competition but four incredible men showing true sportsmanship at it's best. Here is an update from Cayle Royce - they have not seen APT since the start but they are now in radio distance from one another:

Our counterparts - Atlantic Polo

The Polo boys and us attempted to organise a laser party last night. Jenks spoke to them on the sat-phone and said that they sounded a bit drained. We tried to cheer things up with our laser party - we have a laser pointer with a range of about 20km which is designed for warning ships – anyway, when it came to the crunch we couldn't see anything. The Polo boys don’t have a proper working water-maker and they have battery problems. Respect to them as they are hand and foot steering all the way. They have no auto-helm at all and in rough seas they need a rower to abandon duties in order to hand steer. I know its grim because we have been doing it too!

With just 72 miles to go until the 500 mile marker for APT they say big shout out to everyone undertaking this gruelling challenge and they hope people don't forget why and the causes that can benefit!