Day 40: ATLANTIC OCEAN: APT are keeping hold of their position in what feels like the longest countdown ever to the end and where anything can still happen.

The weather has made for slower going with waves pushing them off course from the s ide, which counts out Saturday lunchtime plans. Thoughts have turned to the boat, Tiny Dancer, with the team commenting: "I don’t think any of us have felt this way about an object before. There is a personality from her rhythm and above all a stability that we have been thanking her for ever since the start line. We have also become privy to the information that we are one of only a few boats not to have capsized (although we have come very close). Upon hearing this we were ever so slightly proud of ourselves and especially Tiny Dancer who got us through the nightmare of the storm and many other scenarios." Here is to Tiny Dancer and long may she continue to look after the team on the last leg of the journey.